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Flying Academy Europe

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Flight school Flying Academy

With over 12 years of continuous activity in Europe and over 30 years in USA, Flying Academy is one of the fastest growing flight schools that provides a high standard of flight training in an airline-like environment.

  • Flying Academy is authorized in Europe by the Civil Aviation Authority as a EASA Approved Training Organization and in USA by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)
  • Our instructors are current or former airline pilots - you will get real life pilot experience
  • We offer free iPad mini for our students starting their professional flight training program
  • Our pilot courses are designated for future EASA and FAA private and commercial pilots

Welcome to a community of highly passionate staff! Everybody in Flying Academy thrives for each trainee’s success and the right training background will ensure you are best placed to achieve that dream with Flying Academy.

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Flying Academy is announcing a Global Flight Video Challenge among our trainees. The winner will get 1.000 EUR!

We know that our students are creative aviation enthusiasts and now is the time to show it to the rest of the world.

Shoot a short video in a free manner, answer the perennial question “Why I wanted to become a pilot” and win 1.000 EUR!

Share your flight experience with others on Flying Academy’s YouTube channel. It can either be some great footage from your recent Time Building flight or an educational video for your colleagues. Only your inventiveness should limit your work. You can also participate in the contest with more than 1 video.

The winner will be chosen on the 30th of November 2016, based on the amount of likes.

The contest conditions:

  • You are Flying Academy’s current or former student.
  • During shooting you were using Flying Academy’s fleet and facilities.
  • The duration of the video is more than 1 minute.

Number of videos per person is not limited. Please remember: Safety and professional performance come first! Your video will be admitted in the contest only in case all safety regulations were followed at a required level.

Continue reading how to apply. 

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Time Building in Miami for unbeatable price from 82$ / hour

Time Building is one of the substantial experience sources for each pilot, especially the young professionals who are preparing for working in Airlines. Advanced flying experience can be an unbeatable advantage during the interview.

In order to support low-hour pilots on their way to the captain seat, Flying Academy is launching a rock-bottom offer for Time Building in our Miami training base.

By purchasing the > 101 hours package, you are getting not only perfect weather conditions and fascinating flight experience, but also a preferential fee of 82$ per flight hour on Cessna 152, including fuel and handling support. On the top of that, our instructors will be happy to help you get familiar with the aerospace and local regulations, to assist you with all planning necessary for each flight. Read more.

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Enrich your 0-ATPL training for experience in USA


Flying Academy offers our students the opportunity to fly part of the 0-ATPL training in our new Miami base. The course “0-ATPL with US experience” guides the students through the process of getting their Private Pilot License in the US all the way to the ATPL level. This includes the frozen ATPL(A) written exam as well the required practical exams for the Instrument Rating as well as the CPL+ MEP done in our Czech Republic base.

ATPL is the highest level of aircraft pilot certification. ATPL course is meant for future airline pilots. ATPL certified pilots are authorized to act as Pilot-in-Command [commander] of an aircraft in any airline.

Continue reading to see the course outline. 

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Latest blog post

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Time Building in Miami is a perfect solution for improving your flight skills and for leisure time!

Milan, trainee from Slovakia just came back from Flying Academy, Miami training base, where he did his Time Building. He spent there 28 days and completed about 75 hours of flying.

It happened to be not only an important professional experience, but also an amazing family vacation. 

“Together with my wife we went to Naples, Stuart, Tampa, NASA space shuttle centre, Universal studios in Orlando and many other sightseeing flights along the coast. It is a nice way to fly and also see Florida as a tourist,” describes Milan.

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