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Expand your Aviation experience, become an Airline pilot with the new Cabin Crew special offer

We know that you have a passion for Aviation, and we are offering you the opportunity to expand your experience and become an Airline pilot with the Flying Academy's unique price offer available only for Cabin Crew members.

Join your colleagues form all over the world and enroll in the professional flight training that will be scheduled based on your roster.

Send us an email to fly@flyingacademy.com or call us on +420 2 2888 2444 in order to get more information.

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The most advanced way to become an Airline pilot in 14 months period

For pilots who want to be trained full time for the airlines, but also who want to be competitive on the job market, we have created the Integrated ATPL(A) course.

You will become a Commercial Pilot in 14 months of intensive preparation, from no flight experience to holding an EASA Multi-Engine Instrument Rating Commercial Pilot License with ATPL frozen, including Multi Crew Cooperation and Jet Orientation Course.

ATPL Integrated course starts on 7th of September, registration is already opened. Contact us for more details. Find out more information about our course HERE

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Welcome to the beginning of the school term at Flying Academy

The summer time is nearly over and a new school term is beginning. Welcome it with us here at Flying Academy, one of the biggest flight schools in Europe! We would like to invite everybody to our Open Doors event on Saturday, September 5th from 10am to 3pm. Visit us in our training facility in Brno and Prague.
Don't miss the opportunity to experience the dynamic world of avionics! See our fleet and sit in the cockpit of a Cessna 152, Cessna 172, Cirrus SR20, Piper Seminole and many more! Our Flight Training Consultants will give you all the information concerning the Flying Academy flight programs and will guide you through the school. You can talk to our professional instructors or airline pilots who have been previous students at our school. They are more than happy to tell you their experience with our programs. Every participant of our Open Doors event will get a coupon for a 20% discount from PPL(A) theory.

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Advice for future aviators: grow abroad

At the foundation of any major, there is an essential education for the formation of professionals. The aeronautical world is not dissociated from this same principle: all around the world there are countless flight schools, which are at the disposal of a future pilot. Due to this wide choice, many students can actually decide to move abroad to study and follow their passion. Moving to another country can of course be challenging, especially taking into consideration that the average student age is around 20 years old. There are multiple advantages that can be derived from these choices. A basic understanding of the English language, for instance, is a vital requirement for anyone who joins aviation and speaking it is a priority for whoever lives overseas.

Personally I decided to leave my country at age of 19 and to move to England where I had the opportunity to improve my English. After that I picked the school where I wanted to study, initially moving to America, Iceland and Czech Republic where I am currently employed. While abroad, other than English, it is also easier to study other languages. Cultural exchanges are crucial in this: in Italian, English, Spanish, Russian, Indian and others, it is easy to influence one another with slang terminology to comprehend the languages and customs of each other.

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Integrated ATPL(A) with 750 hours of ground, MCC, JOC on B737NG or A320 FFS + interview preparation course Register now!