Summer special: Piper Seneca III for 361 EUR!

This offer you have to take! Flying Academy reduced price for Piper Seneca III for only 361 EUR/hour! Reduced price for our aircraft is valid limited time only so hurry up to book yourself an aircraft! 

Seneca III is a two-engine aircraft, used for personal transport, multi-engine IR and CPL training. Retractable gear, variable pitch propellers, full IFR, de-ice, autopilot, WX radar.

Get more information about our special Summer Offer - contact us!

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MCC and JOC course on Boeing 737 NG simulator for a reduced price! Limited time only!

Now is the best time to do the JOC and MCC training on Boeing 737 NG.
The JOC course costs from 999 EUR only and it is a preparation course for airline assessment. Many airlines require the completion of the JOC for the pilot to be considered for the job selection process.
With the MCC course pilot becomes proficient in multi-crew cooperation (MCC) in order to operate safely multi-pilot multi-engine airplanes under IFR. The price of MCC course is 3 390 EUR in Standard variant. Of course it is advantageous to take Advanced MCC course (MCC + JOC) for 3 999 EUR!

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Register for new block of ATPL theory! We start in July!

Get the highest level of aircraft pilot certification - ATPL theory - in Brno. Register for the new block of ATPL theory starting on 20th of July.

ATPL course is meant for future airline pilots. ATPL certified pilots are authorized to act as Pilot-in-Command of an aircraft in any airline.

See the schedule of ATPL theory HERE.

Study ATPL theory in one of the biggest flight schools in Europe, visit our base and get convinced why Flying Academy is the right place for your theoretical or practical training!

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How to jet a job as an airline pilot? Our student, now in Ryanair cadet program, will give you advices for interview

This article is written as simple suggestion of what to do and what not to do when you are faced with the moment that you have been waiting for, the job interview or sometimes known as an assessment day. As the name implies, it’s an assessment and that means that you are there to be assessed - If you look up this word in a dictionary it will read: “To determine the value, significance, or extent of; appraise.” And this is where your part comes into play, writes Flying Academy student Matteus Kostrzewski who recently went to Ryanair interview and got accepted in cadet program.


Let's first talk about what most companies are looking for, especially for you as a low hour pilot. The only time a company will want to hire a pilot with low hours is because of one reason; they want to see that you are able to conduct further training with them. An additional reason beyond this point is the “pay it yourself” type rating scheme, but since this has nothing to do with skill and only how deep your pockets go meaning that It has nothing to do with the selection process. The assessment is usually divided into two parts, an interview with technical and non-technical questions and a simulator assessment.

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Integrated ATPL(A) with 750 hours of ground, MCC, JOC on B737NG or A320 FFS + interview preparation course Register now!