Free webinar answers all the information about the course 0-500 Hours

If you are interrested in becoming a pilot and going after your dream job, do not miss the opportunity to know all the information about actually becoming one via Flying Academy´s free online webinar. Webinar starts on Thursday 5th of March at 16:30 UTC.

During one hour online webinar our Flight Training Consultants will show you step by step details of the course 0-500 Hours.

The course is designed and important for future pilots with no current flight experience who will start the training from PPL(A) to CPL(A) and add the IR(A), MEP and FI(A) ratings and get an additional 300 hours of experience within one year from working as a Flight Instructor in Flying Academy.

Register for free webinar HERE and get all the info online!

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Visit us during Open Doors

Flying Academy would like to invite all fans and friends of the Aviation world to the Open Doors event in our bases in Brno and Prague.

The Open Doors are planned on 14th of March and you can expect nothing less than a full day program and refreshment.

You can talk to our Flight Instructors and students about the training, see the classroom or the simulators. Do not miss the visit of the hangar with aircrafts and sit in the cockpit, if you wish.

The Open Doors will be focused on the 0-ATPL integrated and PPL(A) course for those interrested in the training. The extimated duration is from 10:00 till 15:00.

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0-ATPL free webinar!

Flying Academy is hosting on 19th of February from 16:30 to 17:30 CET (UTC+1) a free live webinar where our Flight Training Consultants will present all details about our 0-ATPL(A) course.

During this one hour presentation we will discuss about:

- course description

- requirements to enroll

- course duration and cost

- living in the Czech Republic

- visa assistance for non EU trainees

- extra curricular activities.

We will also have a Q&A session at the end so that all question which you might have will be answered.

You can register for free HERE.

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Latest blog post

10 advantages for using the iPad in the cockpit

Flying Academy – the flight training organization managed by airline pilots – has started 2 months ago to equip its trainees with iPads. The Academy took the lead to revolutionize the cockpit and pilot training, realizing the vision of paperless flying and becoming the first Czech FTO to fly with iPad EFBs. The process will make learning to fly much easier, more efficient and accurate, useful for private pilots and important for future commercial pilots.

After having the iPad in trials, Flying Academy’s flight instructors have concluded that it’s extremely useful in the cockpit because it’s:

1. Fast – extremely short response time;

2. Reliable – as the iOS has very limited crashes;

3. Easy to use – intuitive menu and apps.

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