Flying Academy Los Angeles

Flying Academy Los Angeles is the flight school authorized by the FAA under Part 141 and Part 61.

Our school is located approximately 45 miles southeast of Downtown Los Angeles at Corona Municipal Airport (KAJO).

SoCal high volume inbound and outbound air traffic to and from Los Angeles International Airport, Burbank Airport, John Wayne Airport, Long Beach Airport, March AFB, MCAS Miramar, NAS North Island, Ontario Airport, San Diego International Airport, Van Nuys Airport and many smaller airports that service general aviation will prepare those wanting a professional pilot career.

The Souther California climate makes it possible to fly year round - you can expect mild winters and hot summers with over 360 flying days. This enables all students to quickly collect their flight hours and jump into the seat of an airline or corporate position.

Student services

Our staff is always prepared to offer help and guidance to foreign trainees before and during your studies.


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Our staff will help you find the most suitable place during your study. Flying Academy can provide accommodation to fit everyone's taste and budget. Short-term and long-term accommodations are available on the request.

We offer our students a family house type of accommodation, fully furnished with a complete kitchenette, bathrooms and internet. The accommodation facilities are always only a short drive away from our Flying Academy base.


Price - shared room (double room)

Accommodation in double roomPrice USD
1 month 900

Internet utilities and all other services are included.

Medical certification assistance

Every student at Flying Academy must have a valid medical certificate prior to their solo flight (if obtaining a Private Pilot License).

For every other license, the student must have a medical certificate prior to starting the course. The Medical Certificate class the student is required to obtain can be found in the following chart:

Commercial Pilot License – CPL, 0-CPL2

License Type / Program Class Required
Private Pilot License - PPL 3
Instrument Rating - IR 3
Flight Instructor – CFI, CFII 2
Multi Engine – ME 2
0-ATPL with US experience 1

To obtain a medical certificate you must be examined by an FAA-designated Aviation Medical Examiner (AME).

You should follow these steps to apply for and obtain your medical certificate:

  1. Use MedXPress ( to complete the initial portion of the application.
  2. Students can schedule their appointment for the medical themselves. Flying Academy will be happy to help if assistance is needed. All students can choose a medical examiner (AME) from the following website

The fee for the medical exam is about $60 dollars and is paid at the doctor’s office.

The medical certificate will be issued on the day you walk in.

For any other details feel free to contact us!


DescriptionPrice USD (each way)
From/To Los Angeles International Airport 150
From/To Ontario International Airport 80
Transportation from/to Flying Academy and Accommodation 6

TSA procedures assistance for foreign students

In addition to our normal paperwork, all new non­U.S. Citizen students must complete the following:

Before Arrival (the TSA Approval Application MUSTbe started 3­-4 weeks in advance)

  1. Log on to the TSA website:
  2. Create a New Candidate Account - a passport and valid email is necessary.
  3. After the account has been created, the student must fill out the application - all eight steps.
  4. Please select Flying Academy as the flight training organization - remember to save all steps and follow instructions.
  5. Scan passport into computer database.
  6. Return to homepage, scroll all the way down and click submit application.
  7. Once the application has been submitted, let the Flying Academy office know to be able to validate the student - via
  8. Once the student has been validated, he or she must log in again and scroll down to the bottom of the page. (A money symbol should appear)
  9. The student must click on the money symbol to pay the $130 processing fee - Payment must be via credit card.
  10. Once the student has paid the fee, they should receive an email from TSA.

After Arrival

  1. Upon arrival, the student must be photographed by the front desk.
  2. To begin flight training each student must be fingerprinted.
    1. Fingerprint forms are available upon request.
    2. Two forms must be filled out in black ink.
    3. The student will taken to the police department by a school official.
    4. The cost for fingerprints is $30.00 exact change. (The police department does not provide change)
  3. Once the fingerprints are completed, they must be mailed to TSA if the student has received an email from TSA stating that the documentation has been accepted - if this email has been received, proceed with mailing.
  4. In approximately a week, the student should receive final TSA approval. Please keep checking.
  5. If everything has been completed, the student may begin flight training.


All airplanes in the fleet can be rented with Flying Academy's courses or for hour building purposes (per hour or via full service packages of 25, 50 or 75 hours).

  • Cessna 172 RG
  • Cessna 172 SP
  • Cessna 172
  • Cessna 152

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Cessna 172 SP G1000 Special Rate

Attention all Pilots!

The unique Cessna 172SP G1000 is now available for rent in our KAJO base! Late Summer Special Hourly Rates are as followed:

  • Standard - $139
  • Block of 25 Hours - $134
  • Block of 50 Hours - $133
  • Block of 100 Hours - $130

Take advantage of this Special Late Summer Rate now and save up to $900 USD!

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Flying Academy is led by Airline Pilots. They have developed a broad range of courses that lead the students all the way to their goal. Students at Flying Academy have the opportunity to join programs to gain their Private Pilot License, add their Instrument Rating as well as obtaining the Commercial Pilot License.

At Flying Academy our most important objective is to offer you the highest level of preparation.


Southern California experiences a warm climate and has mild winters and hot summers. Most of the rainfall occurs during winter and early spring. Winter days are pleasant, with the mercury staying around 65 degrees Fahrenheit (occasionally warming into the 70s). Summertime is hot, with highs averaging in the low 90s.

Request detailed informations

If you would like to request detailed information on the FAA training courses, accommodation, transportation or other services, please fill in the below form and your Flight Training Consultant will be in touch with you shortly.

Customer support by phoneCustomer support by phone

You can also request information regarding your flight training by phone:

Czech Republic: +420 228 882 444
Miami, FL, USA: +1(305)255-8753
Los Angeles, CA, USA: +1(951)272-3942

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