Aug 19, 2016

Glorious Wings opens Flying Academy's doors to Oman

Last week, the event hosted in Oman by Flying Academy and Glorious Wings brought together over 100 people passionate about aviation.

For a second time this year Flying Academy hosted a 3 days open session in Muscat together with our local partner, Glorious Wings. We were impressed by the fact that most of the people present at the event travelled from far away just for meeting us and learning in detail about the flight training that we offer. 

It was a valuable experience for us and from the feedback received, it was a valuable experience for most of our Omani future students. 


The main focus was on our EASA flight training experience, on the training content and on the details that make Flying Academy an outstanding flight training provider.

The open session has given us the opportunity to offer participants an insight on our 0-ATPL courses and to answer their questions regarding enrollment, time frame for course completion, training content and curricula in subsequent one-to-one discussions.

We were able to prove once more that the main strength that characterizes Flying Academy throughout its over 30 years of existence is the special care that we provide to each student, the step by step guidance and the tailored approach in the flight training. 

The event in Oman helped strengthening the collaboration with our local partner, Glorious  Wings, marking an important milestone on our way to bringing value to the aviation industry in the area, just as the local newspapers stated.


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