Sep 23, 2016

Flying Academy & Bristol Groundschool partnership

Flying Academy has partnered with Bristol Groundschool UK to provide the EASA ATPL ground school CBTs (Computer Based Training) and access to their practice question bank. With the new solution from Bristol GS, Flying Academy’s students enrolled on the professional programs will get access to up-to-date high quality study material to help them successfully complete their CAA exams.

“It has been an extraordinary year for Flying Academy where we are focused on delivering extremely well-prepared pilots to the industry. We are continuing our tradition of being a top choice for future professional pilots across the world in all our bases from Europe and the USA.

Choosing Bristol GS as our EASA ATPL solutions provider is a logical step as we are committed to offering our students the best training they can get at extremely affordable prices.”, said Radim Olbrecht, Flying Academy’s Head of Training.

The ATPL-650 theory, now with Bristol GS CBTs and EASA database is offered for 2.624 EUR (plus tax) and it’s designed for PPL holders who are planning to become airline pilots.

Upgrade your EASA PPL to EASA ATPL frozen and save up to 3000 USD! Register now!