Feb 9, 2018

Flying Academy is going to organize FI/IRI Refresher seminar in Brno

Flying Academy flight school is going to organize a Refresher seminar for Flight Instructor (FI) and Instrument Rating Instructor (IRI) which is needed for revalidation of an FI certificate. The seminar will take two days on the 24th and the 25th of February from 9 AM to 4 PM at Flying Academy at Brno Turany airport. The price of seminar is 4000 CZK + VAT.


The content of FI & IRI refresher seminar is as follows:


•  new or current regulations, with emphasis on knowledge of Part-FCL and operational requirements
•  teaching and learning
•  instructional techniques
•  the role of the instructor
•  national regulations (as applicable)
•  human factors
•  flight safety, incident and accident prevention
•  airmanship
•  legal aspects and enforcement procedures
•  navigational skills including new or current radio navigation aids
•  teaching instrument flying, etc.


Detailed content will be published before beginning of the seminar.


This seminar is designed to comply with regulation FCL.940.FI and its compulsory for all EASA Flight instructors as a part of their standardization.


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