Flying Academy India

Local office in India, Gurugram, Delhi NCR

International flight training organization Flying Academy has recently opened an office in the Republic of India!

The Flying Academy Office in Gurugram, Delhi NCR will serve as the main consultancy and meeting point for numerous applicants not just from India but also the whole region of East and South Asia.

The office of Flying Academy in Gurugram is open Monday to Saturday from 10:00 to 18:00 to provide you the best consultancy services and assistance with admission process into your dream pilot training program either in Europe or the USA. If you are considering your pilot career, the office of Flying Academy in Gurugram, Delhi NCR, is the perfect place to go for a face to face discussion and guidance in real time. You can also directly apply for your better future in the sky!

Professional flight training consultants in the Flying Academy Gurugram office will help you to set up pilot training from the level of PPL up to the CPL and ATPL levels, leisure sightseeing flights, hour building programs, or for instance guidance on conversions of license according to the FAA, EASA, and DGCA standards.

Do not hesitate and join us today, the aviation world is waiting for you! Visit our office located at the ABW Tower, M G Service Road, Sector 25, Gurugram, Haryana 122002 or reach us directly at Indian number +919560570493.

Financing Your Training

You can cover the training fees at once, or cover the training fees in installments, paying module by module. It is up to you which financing option will you select and which will suit you better.

Duration of the Course

The EASA training that we run in the Czech Republic, Central Europe, will take you approximately 14 months. The FAA training that we run in Florida, USA, will take you about 10 months. The duration of the training highly depends on your skills, precision, and study approach.


Flying Academy is proud to present its fleet. It includes single and multi-engine aircraft and helicopters maintained at the highest levels of safety. The whole fleet, at both continents where we operate, consists of 30 aircraft recognized and accepted by the DGCA. All airplanes in the fleet can be rented for hour building purposes (full-service packages of 25, 50, or 100 hours) for a special lowered price. You can get more information about Extended Time Building packages in Europe or Miami from you flight training consultant.


Our flight training consultants will secure the admission and guide you through the whole process. If you do need help in visa matters, we are here to help you with that as well. It is important to let us know, when do you wish to start your training and we will arrange it for you!

Board and Lodging

Our staff will help you to find the most suitable place to stay during your study. We can provide you student accommodation from where it is easy to reach the training location. If you prefer to arrange the accommodation on your own, stay with your relatives, or friend, it is also possible, of course. Trainees need to secure the food on their own - some of them cook, some of them use the local canteens and restaurants. It is easy to find grocery store, restaurant, and canteen at each of Flying Academy´s training location.

Uniform Requirements

The trainees are required to wear the uniform during the weekdays at the FAA base. At the EASA base, trainees are not required to wear the uniform.


We will arrange pilot liability insurance for you, so you can feel secure when flying. For medical and travel insurance, we recommend to get it with your insurance agency. For visa purposes, you will be required to prove you do have the medical/travel insurance.


Raunaq from India:

"The main reason I selected flying academy was for the fleet of planes they had and that the flying school was so cost effective, in fact, it was one of the cheapest flying schools I could find in Europe when I was doing my research.

I would recommend Flying Academy because you find people from all backgrounds in this school. Like your fellow students and instructors would possibly be from any corner of the world and all walks of life, hence this as an environment is very multi-cultural and diverse. Also if you’re up for it and want to finish up your training fast, the school would be pretty supportive in every way about it, which is a plus. Going by the flying choosing a school in Central Europe is a great experience because of all the nearby countries that you’d get to fly to during your training.

"From the perspective of an Indian, the Czech Republic is a beautiful country, a great experience. On a positive side it is not as expensive as Western Europe, and cost of living mostly the same as India. Well, on the negative side the weather is not really the most desirable. Winters can be cold, it can also restrict your flying to an extent. For which I believe you have to plan accordingly well in advance."

Request detailed information

If you would like to request detailed information on the FAA training courses, accommodation, transportation or other services, please fill in the below form and your Flight Training Consultant will be in touch with you shortly.








Customer support by phoneCustomer support by phone

You can also request information regarding your flight training by phone:

Czech Republic: +420 228 882 444
Miami, FL, USA: +1(305)255-8753
Los Angeles, CA, USA: +1(951)272-3942
India: (+91) 956 057 0493


Frequently asked questionsFAQ

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Price list

FAA PART 61 0-Commercial program fee

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DescriptionAmountUnit price USDTotal USD
Private Course (4 weeks)
The Private Pilot License is the first step in the aviation career. The holder of the PPL license, can act as Pilot in command (PIC) or co - pilot of any Airplane engaged in non revenue flights.
Aircraft Cessna 15240883 520
Flight Instructor30491 470
Ground Training (30 hours)11 7151 715
Instrument Rating (8 weeks)
The Instrument Rating refers to the qualifications that a pilot must have in order to fly under Instrument Flight Rules (IFR). The Instrument rating is a must if you want to become a professional pilot and is useful when flying long distances as a private pilot.
Aircraft Cessna 172P401114 440
Flight Instructor2049980
Ground training (30 hours)11 4701 470
CPL course (12 weeks)
The Commercial Pilot License is a qualification that permits the holder to act as the pilot of an aircraft for remuneration. When issuing the commercial pilot license, the pilot will have at least 250 hours Total Time.
Aircraft Cessna 1521088880
Aircraft Piper Arrow101351 350
Flight Instructor2049980
Ground Training (35 hours)11 7151 715
ME course (2 weeks)
The Multi Engine rating extends the privileges of a Private Pilot’s Licence (PPL) or Commercial Pilot’s Licence (CPL) and allows you to pilot aircraft with more than one engine. One of the main take-aways of the training is to understand the differences between a single engine land and a multi-engine land.
Aircraft Piper Seneca152894 335
Simulator Redbird1088880
Flight Instructor25491 225
Ground training (5 hours)1245245
Aircraft Cessna 152 time building
In order to meet requirements of particular modules Trainee will need to enhance his experince and build his hours. TB is done after issuing of PPL.
Aircraft Cessna 152 time building1358811 880
Total USD37 085
Integrated ATPL(A) with 750 hours of ground, MCC, JOC on B737NG or A320 FFS + interview preparation course Register now!