Night Rating


The qualification allows pilots to fly during night time in Visual Meteorological Conditions (VMC) - this opens up whole new world of flying. Flying VFR night is very different to VFR day and many find it more enjoyable. For pilots with a professional path, Night Rating is a requirement for IR(A).

Course entry requirements


If the privileges of an  PPL (A) holder, to be exercised in VFR conditions at night.

Course description

The night qualification consists of minimum of 5 hours of flight training. Three of which must be dual with 1 hour night navigation exercise. The solo time must include 5 full stop landings.

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Change currency

DescriptionAmountUnit price EURTotal EUR
Cessna 1525116578
Flight instructor532160
Ground training1130130
Total EUR868

The price is without VAT (+ 21 %).

Training fees are covering the following items and services:

  • Instructor time for ground school & practical training
  • Plane rental, including fuel

*All training fees are bound to the actual exchange rates of the local currency of the Flying Academy base where the training or a part of the training is provided. 


Night qualification can be obtained in about one week, depending on the trainees’ time availability.

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