Time Building in California

We offer flight time building programs for fixed-wing, single engine aircraft in increments of 25, 50 and 100 hours. We are open 7 days a week. Early morning and evening flights and extended flights are available.

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Why to choose Time Building in California

  • Unbeatable experience. Flying from one of the busiest airspace in United States is the best way to enrich your professional skills.
  • There are plenty of excellent destinations in California, Oregon, Utah, Nevada and Arizona.
  • You can visit San Diego, San Francisco, Monterey, Oakland, Portland, Salt Lake City, Reno, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Tucson, Grand Canyon, Palm Springs, Santa Barbara, Catalina Island, Sacramento
  • Weather is VFR 340 days per year, no bugs, thunderstorms or high humidities California offers more than 250 public airfields, with usually no landing fees
  • A huge diversity of landscapes and activities on a 3 flight hours radius : deserts, cities, beaches, mountains
  • The ability to train exactly where your needs are : congested airspace or endless deserts, military operation areas, high density altitude airfields
  • A highly touristic area to please your wife and children if they stay on the ground while you are in flight
  • The best and most efficient way of acquiring full english radio proficiency.
  • Overnight flights are allowed.
  • Safety is always our main priority! All our aircraft are having regular maintenance check and there is always an Instructor on duty available to advise regarding flight planning, weather etc.
  • Accommodation for foreign trainees in Flying Academy’s student house.
  • Transportation solutions. Scooter rental or scheduled collection from Flying Academy’s student house are available for you.
  • Phone sim card upon arrival. You will be able to stay in touch with your friends and family and we will take care of the details.
  • Responsive Customer Service and support throughout your stay within Flying Academy.

Time Building in Californa, USA

Aircraft rental fees

Renting fees are already including fuel and they vary depending on the amount of hours that you would like to fly.

Standard Price:

Change currency

DescriptionAmountUnit price USDTotal USD
Cessna 15219999
Cessna 1721119119

25 Hours Package:

Change currency

DescriptionAmountUnit price USDTotal USD
Cessna 15225972 425
Cessna 172251172 925

50 Hours Package:

Change currency

DescriptionAmountUnit price USDTotal USD
Cessna 15250954 750
Cessna 172501155 750

100 Hours Package:

Change currency

DescriptionAmountUnit price USDTotal USD
Cessna 152100939 300
Cessna 17210011311 300

No taxes are applied for the whole pilot training in California. If the Trainee flies only TB in the USA, tax of 7.75 % is applied.

The Time Building program fee covers the following items and services:
- Usage of briefing room for pre-flight preparation
- Airplane usage, including fuel

*All training fees are bound to the actual exchange rates of the local currency of the Flying Academy base where the training or a part of the training is provided.

Minimum requirements

  • PPL(A) - Private Pilot License (Part-FCL or FAA)
  • Second class medical certificate (FAA)
  • Current passport or alternate form of ID

To be able to fly in the United States, a pilot must first validate the existing license with the FAA. Validation will be done by submitting to the FAA the AC Form 8060-71. Confirmation is sent from the current CAA to FAA about the applicant’s licenses and ratings held. Be advised that without FAA validation there can be no PiC time in USA. Validation process takes up to 4 week so please submit the form to the FAA in advance.

To expedite the process, you can write Flying Academy's address where the validation should be delivered. Instructions on how to fill in the form can be found here.

Upon arrival in the United States, the pilot will have to take ground lessons, up to 10 hours, dependent on the existing knowledge level and up to 5 hours of flight with a CFI to get familiar with the airport and SoCal airspaces.

Flight planning

We know that pilots might not be familiar with the airspaces and local regulations, therefore our instructors are happy to help and assist you with all flight planning necessary for each flight, every day. You will also receive tips and recommendations on beautiful places to overfly.


Flying Academy Los Angeles provides accommodation in a villa 5 minutes away from the airport. The shared room & bathroom is $900/month including utilities (water, electricity and internet). The single occupancy room is $1500/month including utilities. Read more about accommodation in California, USA.


For easy and cost-efficient transportation during your stay, Flying Academy can offer scooter rental, scheduled daily pick up services and car rental assistance.

Student accommodation in CaliforniaTransportation


Request detailed information

If you would like to get more details and find a tailor-made solution for your query please fill in the form below or give us a call. Specially allocated Flight Training Consultant will guide you throughout all the process and answer the questions you might have.








Customer support by phoneCustomer support by phone

You can also request information regarding your flight training by phone:

Czech Republic: +420 228 882 444
Miami, FL, USA: +1(305)255-8753
Los Angeles, CA, USA: +1(951)272-3942
India: (+91) 956 057 0493


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Time Building in California, USA starts at 93 USD / hourSee you soon!

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