Aug 23, 2016

Summer holidays are over and Flying Academy is organizing an Open Door event on 17th of September to celebrate new study season!

Open Doors event is the best opportunity to visit one of the largest providers of excellent flight training. Flying Academy invites all Aviation enthusiasts to visit one of our training facilities in Czech Republic or USA. If you are interested in the aviation industry, do not hesitate to join us and see our energetic airline-like environment and meet our experienced Flight Instructors. 

We are inviting you to join us on Saturday the 17th of September at our Brno and Prague bases in the Czech Republic or in our Miami base in the USA. The Open Doors event will be from 10 AM until 3 PM.

All attendees will receive a special discount for training and don't forget that with us you will save your travelling costs. We will reimburse your travelling costs up to 500 EUR for the visit of bases in the Czech Republic and up to 500 USD for visit of the base in the USA. The travelling costs will be reimbursed with the start of any professional training from our portfolio and the offer is valid at any moment in time.

Register for our Open Doors event through our online form and reserve a time block with one of our Flight Instructors. Contact us for more information or questions concerning the event or our programs.

Register online for our Open Doors event here:

At our Open Doors event, you will definitely enjoy the tour of our hangars and experience how it feels to be a pilot during the intro flight, that you can book in advance! Our Flight Training Consultants will provide you with all of the information you will need about our training courses available in the Czech Republic and the USA. We will also introduce you to our experienced Flight Instructors and Professional Airline Pilots. There is even a bonus of a 20% discount for PPL(A) theory for every participant of our Open Doors event!




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