Nov 2, 2016

Improve your ICAO English skills in intensive language courses in Prague and Brno

Do you want to improve your ICAO English skills or just be prepared for your exams properly? Flying Academy offers you the possibility of intensive aviation English courses in Prague and Brno. These courses start on the 12th of November 2016 and 10th of December 2016 in Prague and Brno. Candidates are able to attempt an ICAO English exam for 2790,- + 21% tax.

Main content of the ICAO English course is:

  • General aviation English
  • EN phraseology
  • EN communication with ATC
  • Shortcuts and codes which are used in aviation industry
  • Communication skills
  • Intensive preparations for ICAO English exam

This course combines 4 x 6 hour weekends, 24 hours in total. This course is suitable for pilots, who already passed ICAO exam and would like to improve their communication skills. To enter this course basic knowledge of English is needed. Cost of this course is 5000,-Kč + 21% tax. For more informations please don’t hesitate to contact us on phone number +420 2 2888 2444 or via e-mail

Source: Flying Academy training center, Foto: Flying Academy training center

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