Dec 8, 2017

Professional Flight Simulator for Pilots

Flying Academy, an EASA and FAA approved international flight training company, is now offering all pilots the ability to fly on our new Generic Multi Engine Piston Airplane simulator in our base at Brno Turany Airport.

Starting today, you don't need to worry about weather conditions. When flying conditions are poor, you can practice flying using our simulator. With the simulator, it's possible to practice any situation which may occur during a flight, like an engine or instrument failure, or during bad weather conditions.

The simulator is certified for flying under IR SEP or MEP aircrafts. The simulator is perfect to renew or revalidate your instrument rating, IRI training, or building up hours in instrument conditions issued by PART FCL.


Variant of aircraft: Generic Multi Engine Piston Airplane

FSTD qualification level: FNPT ll

Primary reference document: CS-FSTD

Visual system: GenView 3 channel, non collimated 120 x 30, FoV

Engine Fit: Generic Piston Engines

Instrument Fit: ASI, ADI, ALT, TBI, HSI, VSI, 2x VOR/ILS, RMI, Maker, XPDR, 2-channel-DME, FD/Autopilot/ALT-Preselect

Additional capabilities: Autopilot

You can fly only for 2500 CZK / hour + VAT

Contact us on and plan your flight. Come fly anytime and save the costs!

Special offer for our students: Plan 5 hours and pay only 2000 CZK / hour + VAT.*

*Price is valid only for time building, not for regular flight training.



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You can also request information regarding your flight training by phone:

Czech Republic: +420 228 882 444
Miami, FL, USA: +1(305)255-8753
Los Angeles, CA, USA: +1(951)272-3942
India: (+91) 956 057 0493


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