Dec 13, 2017

Forget about winter! Fly in the USA in sunny Miami or Los Angeles

Forget about the current winter conditions in Europe! Take a chance and complete your time building in USA. Choose Miami or Los Angeles and fly over the mountains, seas or national parks and get the experience you can´t get anywhere else.
Our bases offer a unique chance to fly in the busiest regions in the world and get familiar with heavy traffic and dense airspace. We have just prepared special promotion for you. When order 50 hours package, you will have a chance to fly for following price:
Cessna 152: 91 USD / hour
Cessna 172R: 113 USD / hour
Piper Warrior: 113 USD / hour
Cessna 152: 95 USD / hour

Cessna 172: 115 USD / hour
Piper Warrior: 115 USD / hour



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You can also request information regarding your flight training by phone:

Czech Republic: +420 228 882 444
Miami, FL, USA: +1(305)255-8753
Los Angeles, CA, USA: +1(951)272-3942
India: (+91) 956 057 0493


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